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Our talk with Ambassador Eamonn McKee

September 29, 2022 Ambassador Eamonn McKee Season 1 Episode 2
Raven KASTER PodKast
Our talk with Ambassador Eamonn McKee
Show Notes

In this episode, Kaitlyn and Stephanie talk with Ambassador Eamonn McKee about the connections between Ireland and Newfoundland which center around the ocean. The Ambassador talks about our oceanic connections, the Raven KASTER project, his visit to our province, and our shared history and culture. 

Ambassador Eamonn McKee is from the Embassy of Ireland in Canada. He visited us back in May 2022 in Conception Bay South at a luncheon held at the beautiful the Manuels River Interpretation Centre. At that time, Stephanie and Kaitlyn gave a presentation about the Raven KASTER Relaunch Project in Ireland and got to meet the Ambassador and his staff at the luncheon. We are so pleased and grateful that he supports our project and agreed to talk with us for this episode.

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The Embassy of Ireland to Canada Podcast has an episode about their visit to Newfoundland and Labrador that is a great listen:

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